5 Essential Security Plugins for a WordPress Blog

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Security is an unavoidable part for every WordPress Powered ?Blog. WordPress is a Free and Open Source Blogging Software and this is also the most?recommended?blogging platform. That's the reason everyone wants to run their blogs on this platform. But if you are running your Blog on this you should take any risk with the security of your blog. A simple?security?mistake can spoil your hard work. Though there are many security tips and tricks along with lots of security plugins available to securing your WordPress Blog but choosing right one for your blog is quite a tough task.

To reduce your effort, i am here?discussing about 5 most trusted and most?recommended?Security Plugins for WordPress.?First of all check on the list what are those plugins.

5 Best Security Plugins for a WordPress Blog

  1. Limit Login Attempts
  2. Better WP Security
  3. Antivirus
  4. myEASYbackup
  5. BulletProof Security

Above These 5 Plugins will keep secure your WordPress Blog from Hacking Attempts and also secure your Blogs Database. Now take a look on some important things and learn why you should use these plugins.

1. Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is the most essential plugin to secure your blog with brute-force hacking attempts. By default WordPress allows unlimited login attempts, and this also allows?passwords (or hashes) to be brute-force cracked with relative ease. More simply speaking any users can make unlimited login attempts this lure hackers to making a?brute-force attack. I have seen many WordPress Blogs who?experienced this problem, this may also suspend your Hosting Account.?Limit Login Attempts blocks the IP Address after the specified failed login attempts and keeps your blog safe.

Limit Login Attempts Plugin

Noticeable Features of Limit Login Attempts:

  • Limits the Number of retry?Attempts?when logging in. (you can choose any Number, 3 is the Best)
  • Optional Login Notifications.
  • Optional Email Notifications.
  • Handles server behind reverse Proxy.

Limit Login Attempts

2.?Better WP Security

Better WP Security is one of the most?recommended Plugin for securing your WordPress Blog. It?hardens standard WordPress security by hiding vital areas. Though WordPress has many security features but even after that there may be many security holes and Better WP Security?patched?those holes. The Most Common is know is WordPress Shows the Login Error Messages, means if you type your User Name and?Password and make a?Login?attempt in case your password is wrong?WordPress?will show error?message?that 'ERROR: The password you entered for the username?admin?is incorrect' its indicating that my username is 'Admin', and this makes hacking more easy. There are many Security Holes on WordPress but with Better WP Security you no need to worry about those.

Better WP Security Plugin

Noticeable Features of?Better WP Security:

  • It Removes Meta Tag "Generator".
  • It Removes Login Error?Messages.
  • Better WP Security?changes the urls for backend functions including login, admin.
  • It can?ban troublesome bots and other hosts.
  • Removes theme, plugin, and core update notifications from users who do not have permission to update them.
  • Change wp-content path.
  • Change the WordPress database table prefix.

Better WP Security


By Default WordPress doesn't has any option to protect your Blog ?Installation against Exploits, Malware, ?and Spam Injections. The Antivirus Plugin provide you an Option to keep protected your blog from Malware & Exploits. This is a very useful and automated plugin which scan your Theme Template for any type of malicious injection. Simple to Install and easy to use.

Antivirus Plugin

Noticeable Features of?Antivirus:

  • Shows Virus Alert on Admin Bar.
  • It Scan your Theme daily and send you an Email Notification.
  • Check your Database Tables for Malware.
  • Able to perform?manual check of template files with alerts on suspected cases.
  • Antivirus Plugin Clean up your Database after Plugin Removal.



As the Name indicates, myEASYbackup helps you to create backups of your Database with a single clicks. Remember your Database tables stores everything related to your WordPress Installation, such as, Posts, Users, Passwords etc. And having a backup of these is a good Idea. myEASYbackup allows you to?backup, restore, migrate your WordPress installation, both code and MySQL tables, with a single click. The best thing about this plugin is it?creates a single file, called "data set", that includes your data in compressed format (.zip) and save Data Sets outside the WordPress Installation.

myEASYbackup Plugin

Noticeable Features of myEASYbackup:

  • Backup Your Database with Single Click.
  • Download a archived copy (.zip) of your Database to your Local Computer.
  • Restore your Data Sets.


5.?BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is an another great plugin to protect your WordPress Blog against?XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection hacking attempts. It also protects your .htaccess file.?Protects wp-config.php, bb-config.php, php.ini, php5.ini, install.php and readme.html with .htaccess security protection. ?It has bunch of feature but i?recommending?you to use only those features which your thinks can be helpful for your blog.

BulletProof Security Plugin

Noticeable Features of BulletProof Security:

  • .htaccess website security protection.
  • Built-in File Editing, File Downloading and File Uploading features.
  • php.ini and php5.ini files protected with .htaccess security protection.
  • Remove WordPress Version information.
  • Website Developer Maintenance Mode.
  • Customizable 503 Website Under Maintenance page.

BulletProof Security

I have been used all these WordPress Plugins and found helpful. All these Plugins are essential in nature but perform best while at work.

4 Responses to “5 Essential Security Plugins for a WordPress Blog”

  1. salim says:

    very interesting article. I have been using bullet proof and WP-Migrate-DB for backup. Will definately try out the plugins recommended here. Had my server hacked recently and its such a pain! Learning the hard way. Thanks for sharing!

  2. salim says:

    just a quick question
    which is better bullet proof or WP Security? Cause some features overlap and if bullet proof rewrites htaccess, wp security still complains about it not being secure.

  3. Mahesh says:

    Thank For the Security tip. i really don’t know about antivirus in WordPress. thanks for sharing Knowledge.

  4. GL says:

    I will recommend Better WP Security, it seems to has most the features than others and it’s pretty easy to use. But before install it, you may need to backup your website, I ever accidentally misconfigure the settings that make my website became a mess.

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