Can we connect a TV to the Laptop

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Yesterday, I was watching TV,?suddenly a friend come to my house and then we were start discussing about the technology related to TV and Laptop, he asked can we connect the TV to a Laptop? Than we both decided to find the available options to connect a TV (Television Set) to a Laptop. That?s the reason I am starting a new category (PC Tips) here on BlogTechnics. So Come to the Topic, The question is Can we connect a TV to the Laptop? The answer is; Yes, We can!

Connect Laptop to TV

Now let have discuss the available options and methods for doing so. Although there may be many possible methods for connecting a TV to the Laptop but i am sharing here the methods which are tested by me.

  • To connect your Laptop to the TV you could probably use a S-Video cables, a VGA connector if you have HDTV, a DVI (Digital data interface), HDMI cable (Currently gives the best quality) or a Scan Converter Box.

The above method is possible if your laptop have VGA. Here is the way to connect the Laptop to a TV with VGA.

  • If your laptop has DVI output, you can go via the TV's HDMI input. Various types of conversion cables are available for this.?Laptop could also go via S-Video, however you will get a poor resolution, this only suitable for watching standard definition video from your laptop.

I am not sharing here the details about how to connect the Laptop to the TV. I have discussed this topic just for information purpose. If you know any other method to connect a Laptop to the TV you may share here. As i know you can connect your TV to your laptop by following five types of cables or sockets or device.

  • Using S-Video Cables
  • Using VGA Connector
  • Using DVI
  • Using HDMI input
  • Scan?Converter?Box

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    Connecting tv and laptop is a great idea. I am sure people will love this. Thank you for sharing.

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