Learn How to Create State Bank Virtual Card for eCommerce Transactions

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A couple of week ago India's Largest Bank, State Bank of India was Introduced a new feature for its users, say State Bank Virtual Card. It is an Electronic Card that can be used for all type of eCommerce?Transaction?in India. State Bank Virtual Debit Card allows you to shop online and pay without revealing your original?financial?details. You can use this e-Card for online Shopping, Mobile Recharge etc...

State Bank e-Cards can be used at any e-Commerce website in India accepting Master Cards/ VISA Cards Online. It same as your regular plastic card but a single e-Card can be used for a single?transaction?that mean for every transaction you need to generate a new e-Card. The best thing about this Virtual Card is it reduced the risk of online fraud. Here are Some key features of State Bank Virtual Debit Card,

  • SBI e-CardsSingle-transaction Card.
  • Secure [online transaction are authorized only after successful validation of One Time Password (OTP) sent to your registered mobile during the transaction process]
  • e-Card is valid up to maximum 48 hours or till the transaction?completed.
  • Easy to Use, No any extra registration is required for e-Card Generation, every SBI customers with Net Banking Facility can generate State Bank e-Card.
  • Minimum Amount of Issue: Rs. 100
  • Maximum Amount of Issue: Rs. 50,000
  • Domestic use only. (Valid for payment in INR in India, Nepal & Bhutan)

There is no any Limit on Number of cards, you can generate as many as you want. SBI?offering?this facility absolutely free and there is no any extra service for generating or using SBI e-Cards.

How To Generate State Bank Virtual Card?

Generating State Bank Virtual Card/ e-Card is a very simple process. Here are the e-Card generation Process and how to use it for?e-commerce?Transactions.

STEP 1: Visit www.OnlineSBI.com?and?log in?to your Net Banking Account.

STEP 2: Now Click on e-Cards Tab Menu [as shown on screenshot below].

Generating State Bank e-Card

STEP 3: Select Desired Account and Enter Card Amount and click on Generate Button. [minimum amount Rs.100 and maximum amount Rs.50,000]

STEP 4: Now it will ask you verify your e-Card and Account Details, Simply click on generate button.

Verifying State Bank Virtual Prepaid Card

STEP 5: Now it will ask you to Enter High Security Transaction Password. This password would be?received?on your?registered?mobile Number. It will be a 8 digit Password, simply enter this password and click on Confirm button. [some time it takes longer time to?receive?this password so that don't close the window until you verify this]

OTP for State Bank e-Card

STEP 6: If everything gone right on previous STEPs it will show you your Virtual Debit Card [as shown in screenshot below] It shows your Name, 16 digit e-Card Number, Card Limit Amount, CVV number (3 digit) and?Expiration?Date.?Note down?these details, these all would be needed during e-commerce Transaction.

State Bank Virtual Prepaid Card

Now you can use this Virtual Debit Card at any e-commerce website {Master Card/ VISA accepted} for online shopping or recharge within 48 hours.

How to Use State Bank Virtual Debit Card at eCommerce Website?

State Bank e-Cards can be used at any merchant location accepting ?Master Cards or VISA Cards online.

  • Choose you Product or Service and during Check out select VISA/Master Debit Card.
  • Now Enter your 16 digit e-Card Number, Expiry Date, and Card Security Code (CVV) as shown on your generated e-Card and Proceed.
  • Now it will take to you on Card verification Page. Here you have to verify the Transaction by submitting OTP (One Time Password). Remember this Password is also a 8 digit password with would different from the OTP you got during Card Generation Process. You will?receive?this During the e-commerce Transaction on your Registered Mobile Number. If you have not?received?the OTP you can get new one by clicking the Click Here Link on?Transaction Verification Page (same Page). There would be a time limit to enter this Password (usually?240 seconds) but some time ?SBI gateway takes longer time to send you this password. Don't worry you would not be charge until you will enter this OTP and Submit.

OTP for SBI Virtual Card during Transaction

  • Submit the Password and Done!

Note: State Bank Virtual Prepaid Cards [e-Cards] can be used for online transactions in Indian Rupees only.

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