How To Get Accepted By Adsense?

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Adsense is #1 PPC program among bloggers. Adsense is?totally?free to join and anyone who owns a website or blog can apply for Adsense but remember more than 63% applications is rejected by Adsense Team. Adsense is owns by Google hence?excellence?comes first. There are many websites and blogs who gives?guarantee to get accepted by Adsense in just 2 days, but in actual these type of websites and blogs just waste of time.?Google Adsense?has very clear Policy and if you follow it you will be accepted by Adsense. I also get accepted by Adsense on 5th time. After getting accepted I analyzed why my first 4 application is rejected, and I have extract out the reasons why most of Adsense applications get rejected. Follow the steps below to get accepted by Google Adsense (For?Individuals).

Things you needed to apply for Google Adsense

  • Adsense LogoA quality website or blog with original Contents.
  • Your blog or website should have at least 250 pages.
  • Your blog or website should be active since last 5 months.
  • Blog or website domain names with TLDs (Top Level Domain Names) .com, .net, .info, .Org etc... Have more chance to get accepted.
  • You have full access (admin) to your blog or website.
  • Your blog or website should be?accessible?by anyone.
  • Your blog or website should be well?layouts?& designed.
  • Your blog or website should have a privacy page.
  • Your blog or website should not have?panelized?by any search engine.
  • Your blog or website should be indexable by search engines.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Your blog or website should not have any type of?pornographic?or sexual related contents.
  • Your blog or website should not have any type of drug or gambling?related?contents.
  • Your blog or website pages should be written in English.
  • For detailed terms related to your location visit?here.

Don't try to play any trick with Google?Adsense?Program. Google is very smart and it will easily catch you, so don't try any trick. For any help feel free to ask.

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