Impact of Paid Links on Your Website’s SEO

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When you sell text links ads on your website without placing nofollow attribute on the link, is called selling Paid Links. Doing this instruct Google to pass page rank. ?The whole story of paid links and SEO is actually a bit complicated and it has both good and bad impact on keyword ranking and SEO. […]

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Giveaway: Get a Year of Free Web Hosting Account + Free Domain

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It is the end of ‘Season of Sun’ and start of the ‘Season of Darkness and Cold’.?They said, it is the time when evil spirits are most likely to roam the earth. The month of?October?is treated as month of Halloween fest hence on blogtechnics it is the time for another giveaway. In association with UK […]

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Joomla or WordPress: Choosing a CMS That?s Right For You

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They often get confused when choosing a right content?management?system for their website. You can find a ton of reviews and articles about both Joomla and?WordPress. These are the two best and most popular CMS platforms for your website.?WordPress and Joomla both are considered largely safe, it has been observed that most of the security issues […]

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Does Blogging Pay Enough to Sustain Your Life

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Nowadays, Blogging is not an unknown term anymore. It has been a profession and accepted by thousands of bloggers from across the world. I get known to this term during my college days and now it has changed my life. I am getting enough money to sustain my life through it. People often ask me […]

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Outsourcing Your Blog Management–Is It the Way to Go?

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Content is one of the most vital parts of a website. After all, users enter keywords making up the content of your page to land at your site. So if your content doesn’t answer and fulfill the expectations of your audiences, it won?t do justice to visiting your website the next time. Moreover, if you […]

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5 Free Web Hosting Services to Host PHP Scripts

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Sometimes we just need a free web host to upload PHP or Java Scripts and finding a perfect and free web hosting service for the same is a hard job. There could be seen hundreds of web hosting services that promises to offer free web hosting solution but actually very less do the same, some […]

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CloudFlare: To Accelerate Your Website by 30% and Save Bandwidth

Posted by Deepak cPanel 1 COMMENT

CloudFlare is a brand new feature that can be noticed on your cPanel?Dashboard. CloudFlare accelerates and protects?all type?of websites. Any website on CloudFlare generates 65% less requests to server and that’s why load 30% faster than normal websites.?CloudFlare Community automatically optimize the delivery of your web pages so your visitors get the fastest page load […]

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Box Style Backgrounds To Spice Up Your Website

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Website’s Backgrounds plays an identical role to spicing your website. If you know; you can use your?talent?on illustration to design colorful patterns and textures. But for those who have lack of skills on pattern making, here are the 10 box style website backgrounds. Box style patterns suites all type of web layouts and can spice […]

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10 Excellent Facebook Covers for Your Profile

Posted by Deepak Facebook Covers 1 COMMENT

Here is the another new collection of 10 excellent Facebook covers for your profile timeline. These covers are designed with new timeline dimensions for Facebook and are ready to use. Just choose your?favorite?one Right Click on image and select Save as image to download these profile covers.

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How To Scan Your Website with Virus Scanner Tool on cPanel

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There are the couple of online tools and services available to scan your websites for virus and malware but why to use an external tool or service when you have an?inbuilt?tool for it. Most of cPanel web hosting providers like hostgator, bluehost, bigrock, hostmonster etc… provides an inbuilt tool for scanning your website for free. […]

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